Survey - What color FJ is everybody ordering???

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Vodoo Blue because it comes closest to a classic Cruiser color - Smurf Blue. Mustard would have been my first choice, but the closest they offer is a yellow that's too bright. Red like my 40 would also be cool.
Who ever did this photochop....i think its the best yet.

otherwise, silver
That is badass!
Cruiserhead05 said:
Who ever did this photochop....i think its the best yet.

otherwise, silver

Nice.....looks just like my dune beige 40. If Toyota really wanted to offer a retro vehicle you think they would have added some of the old 40 colors.

Oh well.

I am on the waiting list for the titanium metallic gray...


1977 FJ40 "MuMu"
1992 FJ80 "Tubbs"
i LOVE that dune beige photochop.

otherwise, the silver looks the best
I wonder if they are going to make the all black version that is in the video ad's on this site?

It has a black roof.

All black with black wheels would be pretty sweet looking.
Here's a chopped blue-gray

This from fjcruiserforums looks real good. I'd like that color or the dune beige one!
I ordered the silver one.
After seeing that photoshopped pic of the silver one with the Hi-Lift on the rack, I am wondering if I should also add the rack?

I have a Yakima Load Warrior now on my '91 4Runner with Slee's Hi-Lift mounts, but not sure if Yakimas cross bars are going to be able to work on this roof or not.
I ordered the Sema green one !
I ordered black. I plan to paint the roof black. Wife wants me to keep it white. We'll see...maybe the white cap will grow on me.
I ordered Silver, but said if a blue or black one come in first, I'll take that instead. I wish there was a green or maroon instead of that purple one. I think the yellow ones look sharp, I just can't see myself driving a yellow car.

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