SuperPro offset bushing install

Mar 11, 2018
My goal is to move front wheel forward as much as possible. The idea is to use offset bushing on the LCA and then move my SPC UCA to zero setting. This is for tire to firewall/body mount clearance.
I might step up to 35x10.50r17 tire at some point.

Part number used are:
Spf4691k LCA front offset bushing, up to 0.6° additional caster.
Spf4347k LCA rear offset bushing, up to 1° additional caster.
So both potential can gain 1.6° additional caster.

Tools used after LCA is out of vehicle
  1. OEM bottle jack
  2. MAP gas torch
  3. 12" long 1/2" all tread and a couple nuts
  4. a bunch of 1/2" fender washers with 2"OD.
  5. A Washer that are bigger than 2-1/4" OD or anything flat with a 1/2" hole in the middle to act as backing plate to pull the larger rear bushing in
YouTube reference
Note: i think the torch is too hot and cause the rubber to melt in this video.
I use MAP gas torch that are not as powerful. Key is to watch color change on the paint. It should only turn matte greyish color and even all around.
I also use OEM bottle jack that are not as powerful. If it get hard to turn, stop and heat is some more.

I did not finish it with hydraulic press.
I just use my 36 mm socket and 2-1/8" socket as receiver tube and the all tread seat the aluminum ring to the LCA

Finished product

Potential issues
KDSS cylinder is getting close to power steering lines and radiator drain plug.
Drain plug can be shaved a bit and the power steering lines potentially can be shifted a bit to gain clearance.

It would be a while before I finished this. Still have to weld Marlin LCA Brace a few other things.

Overall I am very happy with the quality of the bushing and seems to be the easiest to install.
Feb 27, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA
I have been thinking about these for the exact same reason. I'd like to move the wheel as far forward as possible for larger tires.
Following to see the final result.
Jan 15, 2019
In my experience the easiest way to get those bushings with a lip on one side out is to use the air hammer to bend the lip over. Then you can press the bushing out normally in a hydraulic press with the lip side down or use a ball joint removal tool. See this video from EricTheCarGuy from 14:28:

Mar 11, 2018
I don't have much problem with the bottle jack method. Actually a bit surprised at how easy it is to get it out. The rubber and sleeve come out as one piece.

Initial measurements i gain about 5/8" that is with SPC still in +2° setting. I am planning to move it to 0 setting.

I also ran into interference issue with the front Marlin LCA brace. Moving the front in at max setting would cause the LCA to rub on the brace. Luckily its not welded yet. It just need some fine tuning and it should be good to go.

KDSS specific issue
The radiator drain pet cock might need to be shaved a bit. Also transmission cooler line can be re bent a bit. So it should not be much issue after I took care all of this.
Potential KDSS interference

Marlin LCA brace interference.
Need to shave the locator tabs and lower the plate a few mm

Marlom LCA brace modification
I think if I grind this down it would be able to sit lower.
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