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Apr 16, 2003
Swanzey NH
A few people came over!
Few more!

Took us alot longer to get to the trail than
I thought it would. 3pm before we hit the trail,
split into a couple of groups to try and keep things moving.
Thanks to Pete for leading the group on the south trails.
Pete assures me that it was a piece of cake and wonders why
we called it an intermediate trail.
The other group of 5 hit the north trail and after about 50' of trail we split them with Kina leading the uphill group and 2 others going down (Sorry about names).
No carnage! I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

How did the stock guys do?

Thanks to everyone who brought stuff, (my wife was pretty excited about the case of wine!)
Constuctive critisim is welcome, we would like to host again next spring and hope to work out some of the kinks!

Thanks again, and hope everyone can make it to Kina's for his weekend!

Lane, thanks for having us! Junior, thanks for the trail lead? :D Great day for the stockers too!
It was great to get out and play! Great turn out! Anyone get a head count?
My daughter counted at least 20 rigs, I'm wondering what the neighbors are thinking!
Thanks again to everyone who made this day possible.

Everyone from the group I arived with (4 mikes, jen, jenna, cat, kyle, and of course nat) had a blast and apreciate every second of it.
Hey everyone who runs this show, thanks for making it happen. This is Kyle, I came out with Nat, Nate and the whole Boston caravan, I brought a friend as well, it was my first time 4 wheeling and I had a blast. I'm just happy to have my 4runner running strong! Thanks a million to Lane for providing such great hospitality and delicious chili. I took some pictures myself from the drivers seat, here they are.





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Sorry I could not make it...Pics look great. Must have been a lot of fun.

I set off Friday for NH. Planned to go to my land and then to meeting on Sunday. As soon as I left my drive way my wipers stopped working. 1st stop was for rain X. Had to stop many times on the way up to NH to crack rear brake bleeders, rear brakes are not returning and drag on rear wheels so much I had ro relieve the pressure. Arrived at my land and road was really bad muddy. Had to winch up the last stretch of uphill to my land.

With truck not running so good, (brake issues), and condition of my road, I chose to stay there.

Will try to make it next time, still ironing out the new to me truck.
Glad everyone had a great time!

Jason Peters and I jumped ahead part way through the stock run as we both needed to head home earlier. Except for a long muddy stretch down a wrong turn it was uneventful the rest of the way out the trail so with any luck the stockers had no further troubles after the big mud spot we were stuck on so long.

Seeing all those great Cruisers inspires me to get in the garage and start getting mine trail ready. :)

What a turnout!! Thanks to everyone who made the trip, thank you for all your offers of help and your continued assistance as we strive to make the club better organized. It is greatly appreciated.

THANK YOU LANE!!!! Now how about being VP?
I went on the stock run because I wanted to see how my trailer would do on the trail. Dave hoped in with me and we had a great time. the trailer handled beutifully prolly should have done the intermediate run... next time. Dave and I both had to leave early so we left the main group at about the half way point through the loop and headed out... or so we thought. we ended up doing a different loop somehow that had a very long run of mud then a pretty step up hill section. truck made it though fine.
here are some pics of whtn we were with the group. nice trail while all you see is mud there are some big rocks just under the surface. as more people wear the mud out these trails could get interesting in a few years.
thanks Lane for hoisting and putting on a good show
3 more of my fj62 going through a very cool stream of course the pictures don't do the stream justice
jason... is that ice? we saw some ice as well... pretty cool...
I had a great time. Thank you to everyone especially Lane, Dave and Annie for hosting and organizing.
Sorry I couldn't make it out on the trail. My wipers weren't working and it was a 2.5 hr ride home. Got the 45 wagon up to 70 mph on RT 95 heading home. No problems getting back and made it home by 3pm.

I just went for the chicken and rice anyway. Thanks Lane and I'll have a trailworthy beast ready by the end of summer. Great to put some faces to names off the Mud list!
it wasn't Ice Pete it was solid rock though that the stream ran over and it cascaded down to the right in the pic it looked like slick rock type stuff very cool formation. of course the pic macke it look like ice or mud. I should have had my photograper dave climbe down the stream/waterfall and take some shots from below looking up :) next time..
I remeber the first couple times I wheeled with Joe Myle we would all meet at the trail head and he would be screaming at everyone due to driving 2 hours in his fj55 and having temp hear ing loss.
Thanks to Pete for leading the group on the south trails.
Pete assures me that it was a piece of cake and wonders why
we called it an intermediate trail.

on the drive home lane as adam was snoring and snorting and drooling on himself i got to thinking... that really is an intermediate/moderate trail as you described it and aside from the pucker factor it would have been fine... the think you HAVE to be willing to do on those trails is accept body damage. this is not something i can deal with so, even though it is still probable on stock trails that is where i will be headed most of the time as it is more controllable. For the most part i was okay until we started heading up this huge, steep, wet hill. i hit a tough spot, the wheels started to spin and the truck slid right into a tree. it was about 1/4" from smashing the door! why didnt it? because of the overbuilt sliders Randy put on the truck when he owned it.

BTW, i was not the trail "leader" by any means, i was just the sucker that went first. the real leaders were the guys that strapped and used the come-a-long because i am a real :princess: on the trail. just not willing to bang up the truck i guess.

you can see the come-a-long cable attached to the left d-ring. i am going to order a winch this week i think. with a winch, we would have made this hill in a snap. FWIW, everyone turned around and no one else went up the hill after this...

i will post both the 10mega pixel pics to my site as well as smaller ones... here is me at the top of the hill with the tree i ran into and also some great shots of the other people we were with...

Spring Meeting Wheeling Pics HERE

i will let you others post your own pics by going to the site here and downloading them:
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and some more... they are all of the same mud strip but great shots i think of people's truck. when the hi res images are done uploading they will be there for you to download and print. you will see that they are print quality:cheers:
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That is too cool! I love to see a variety of cruisers together. I would love to get involved in something like that here!

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