Stupid Headlight Question

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Feb 20, 2005
Ok, no question is supposed to be stupid but....

I need brighter headlights on my 1989 FJ62. I searched this forum and found a lot of references to replacing my stock lights with H4 halogen 55/100. My stupid question is:

My FJ has seperate low and high beam headlights (or so I think, it is in the shop right now). It would seem like I need new low AND new high bulbs. JC Whitney mostly has the 55/100 combo.

What am I missing?

Your "low" beam is an H4, which is actually low + high. Your "high" is an H1 bulb. See the following link for additional info:

I used the Hella round H4's on my 60 for a few years, and recently switched to Cibie from Daniel Stern:

It clearly throws better light on the road. The Hella's were 5X better than stock, and the Cibie's were 5x better than the Hella's.

Note: you'll be better off with an upgraded harness. You can run the OEM wiring if you stay with stock wattage bulbs - though you'll get better light output with a relay based harness. However if you want to run higher wattage bulbs (well worth it in mybook) then the upgraded harness is mandetory. Do a search on here for the info.

There is lots of info on here about improving lights.

Note on upgraded bulbs - buy good ones. Don't go crazy. Aim 'em well and you'll be safe, and others will be able to see fine.


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