Stupid design, A/C drain location...

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Oct 28, 2006
Kirkland, WA
OK, I know this might be a very minor complaint, but still hopefully a "good to know" for many.

The other day I was out for a while. When back in the garage I noticed a puddle of water under the truck. Strange, since I rarely run the A/C. Turns out that this time I accidentally had had it on for the trip into town and condensation water is what I saw on the garage floor.

A few weeks ago we did discuss/help soneone who likely had a clogged A/C drain, resulting in foul smell in the car.
That drain (see photo) drips straight down into the "cup" that forms the passenger side frame mount for the anti-sway bar. This is likely not a big issue in warmer/drier climates where moisture quickly will evaporate, but up here in the PacificNorthWest, running the A/C will result in water standing in this little "cup" and severely rusting one of the anchor bolts for the anti-sway bar.

Hence, for those concerned, I'd put a little extension on the drain pipe, and apply a liberal amount of anti rust stuff on this bolt/nut.
Drain copy (Medium).jpg
Sorry to be hijacking the thread...

After driving for 6 hours last weekend, I noticed that there was water drippage on the floor when I parked it. I did not have AC on though. I made sure that the AC was not on.

Any ideas on where the dripping water could have come from? It was raining throughout the first half of the drive but for the last 3 hours there was no rain. The location of the puddle was underneath the vehicle on the passenger side about a foot and a half or so inside of the front wheel.
Highjacking? No worries. It is all about information sharing.

How much water? Could it have been water that was "stuck" inside plastic belly pan, or was it coolant?

If clear water, A/C off, there are really no sources of clear water except what rains down. Coolant will be green, and window washer fluid will be blue.

Look again and see if you can more clearly detect it.
The water was colorless/odorless and that was the reason I kept driving it despite the drip. Perhaps it was rainwater that collected somewhere.

I have not driven long distances since then and have not seen any more drip. Maybe I will have to wait until it drips again for a better diagnosis.
wc19, it's funny you'd mention this. Last weekend I was recharging my AC and staring into the engine bay out of boredom. I saw the discharge drain and thought, what a stupid place to put that. I had never noticed it before.
Yup, I agree.
Guess that's what happens when the body designers don't talk to the frame designers. :)

But, seriously, even though I don't run the A/C much (only to keep it lubricated), I will put a little extension on the drain to prevent it from doing any more damage. Standing water is never a good thing.
I have noticed two different puddles coming from mine about 6 inches apart. Must be splitting somewhere and I need to get under and look. It's amazing how much water/condensation it produces, but I leave it on Auto most of the time which means it's on most of the time.

Is it normal for this A/C system to produce a good amount of condensation?
I belive it is normal given that both of the brand new '07s I test drove left big puddles at the dealership after a short 10 minute trip. The 100 I came home with does the same thing. Sure blows cold!
"good amount of condensation?"

It really all depends on humidity in the surrounding air, and how cold the A/C evaporator coils are. But if a lot of water, collect it. It is pure destilled water.... :)

I don't run my A/C more than a few times a year to keep it lubed up. Really no need here in the Pacific Northwest. Even managed a full year in Texas (90ies) w/o a functioning A/C. sunroof open and all windows did it (expcept on the day when a suite was needed at the office).
Can you guys recommend diameter sizing for the hose extension and clamps? I'd like to do this as well.
yeah mine has a lot of water under the truck with the ac on. like a bunch. but is is humid here and hot so guess it's normal. still prob will check out rerouting the flow.
I also get the drip on the bottom of the evap box, got that small piece of foam and the parts to swap the front plate so it can accept cabin filters, just havent done it yet.

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