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Jan 21, 2005
Pitt Meadows,BC
I need to make a tad more room in my minute storage space. And since I'll probably never use em...some brand spanking new 'Iron Man' front springs for a fj45, c/w shocks and greasable shackles. I put the rears in quite some time ago but never got around to putting the fronts in.

Yes, they are extremely stiff springs. But at the time..they were billed as the next best thing to like to shoot the bastard that started that rumour! :flipoff2:

And I myself hate adds with no price..but I have no idea really what to sell em for. (paid something like 1200 bux i think for the kit). so..if you're interested.,..make me an offer.

Oh, i believe they are about a 2.5" lift...can fit 33's no problem. No idea if 45' fronts have same dim's as 40 fronts.

And i think I still have an Aqualu steering arm at Tetu's..think its the small diameter one...if anyones looking for one.

phone 465-0361 evenings/ in Pitt Meadows.

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