strongest, most versatile roof rack for gutter mount systems

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Jun 1, 2006
Port Coquitlam
A couple guys int he Coastal Cruiser are looking at ordering these from me so I figured if I can get more of them, I can get better pricing to the customers.
The short story, Unistrut used to make roof racks for vehicles (01052011_Unistrut_US), they stopped about 5 years ago due to new vehicles not having gutters anymore. Since then, it has been hard to find a very heavy duty rack system that you can configure into any option you want.
I have had their racks on my truck for over 6 years now and I have abused and modified it many times, all with a simple additional piece of strut or hardware.

I have re designed their mounts to be stronger and better and have even more options than the originals, they are compatible with any other engineered strut system of similar design (there are some other ones out there as well).
These are not the same as unistrut discontinued (which were also never patented and are no longer in production for several years), these are a different, upgraded design.
I am trying to get 16 sets ordered to get better pricing from my metal supplier.
roof rack mount.jpg
The cost, (based upon 16 sets as a start), is $110.00 for the mounts, powder coated, steel, with the stainless hardware for mounting.
They stand 6" tall from the gutter to the bottom of the strut mount (and then the thickness of the strut depending on which model you go with).
Strut and other hardware can be purchased from your local electrical/building supplier to suit any configuration you want. This allows a lower cost for shipping as well. If you want, I can supply the Unistrut brand product, P3300T (perforated, shallow strut) at $4.50 a foot (that's my cost after taxes), plus additional hardware.
This puts the cost of an average, one rail setup, at about $140. Now this is by far stronger than any other mount and has more options for expansion then any other product out there.
Here are some pics of my old Unistrut (registered to Unistrut) rack. Again, my design has stronger mounts, but can use their product and other similar strut systems with it.
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This is also about the only way of getting a very heavy duty roof rack on a 74 sereis. Since they only have roof gutters over the front doors and one across the back over the rear door on the FRP top. This way you can create a heavy duty "T" setup with the roof rack and carry almost anything on it.
I have 5 sets committed to, if I can get 10 or more I'll start making them and hopefully not loose money.
Does anyone have any questions?
Any interest at all in this product?
Any complaints or reasons why they are not interested?
Got a total of 8 commited, a couple more and I can start building them at that cost.

If you get the strut from me or anyone else, that's up to you. You might be able to get better pricing for it from your local suppliers (especially when you factor in shipping).
I need to make about 16 pairs to get good pricing on the steel, cutting and forming from my supplier. All locally made in Vancouver, BC, Canada!
Hi, got your PM, and will respond to both.
A normal set comes with a pair (2) of mounts, for $110, plus shipping. Add to that a piece of strut, either supplied by you or me and you have 1 cross bar. Since shipping would be more expensive to you with a cross bar, I would recommend to look at your local electrical/building suppliers and ask about Unistrut or similar products and hardware for it. That would cut down on cost for you.
If you do not have access to anyone who carries Unistrut, I will gladly ship whatever lenght you require, but I am trying to keep the cost down as much as possible for the customer, so I recommend looking locally first.
Unistrut can be found here:
I recommend this as the cross bar, more than sufficient, very strong and versatile:
In your case, the closes supplier I know of to Fort Worth is:
United Tool and Fastener
6320 N. Shepherd
Houston, TX 77091

Contact: Laurie Chin

Phone (toll free): 800-460-9735
Phone: 713-692-2323
Fax: 713-692-2378

I can give you all the necessary part numbers for any hardware pieces, depending upon the configuration you want.
Thank you
I like how youve designed this around uni-strut. Through their catalog there is alot of options and methods to bolt things together with out drilling.

They also make aluminum unistrut for those looking to shave some pounds off the lid of their rig.

I used aluminum unistrut for my RTT rack actually, had some left over scrap from work and welded some steel up for the sides.

Also, their galvanized stuff holds up to the elements pretty well. It doesnt look as sharp as powder coating, but will take spray paint pretty well.
The reason for the design is to create something that is not expensive, versitile, can be shipped in a small box and you can locally get parts for it almost anywhere, is heavy duty and will stand up to abuse.
The rack that is on my truck has been (most of it) there for about 6 years. It's been modified, added to, had really heavy stuff on it, scratched, rubbed against trees, and exposed to BC weather. Hasn't changed or rusted. The mounts have weakened a little and bent, that's why I have designed my version a little better.
There is no reason why this can't be the last roof rack you ever buy.
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