Stock Sequoia roof rack removal

Aug 26, 2011
Sacramento, CA
Since info was limited about taking the stock roof rack off a first gen Sequoia I though I'd post some basic instructions and some pictures.

Step one, remove the plastic covers off the front and back ends of the main roof rails. These are held in with just some plastic push pins kind of like what hold the interior door panels on, just pry them up with a flat head screwdriver. I did this when it was about 90 deg outside and none of the clips broke but I wasn't trying to be careful since I was taking the rack off so my friend can measure for a custom one that will hold a RTT next summer.

Step two, pry the plastic covers off of the center supports of the main rails. These also just pop off with a flat head screwdriver.

Step three, remove 12 torx head bolts holding the rack to the roof. Once these are removed you can lift up on the rack with a little force and it will come free of the roof. It can be taken off with one person but if you are OCD about any scratches have a helper. I don't really care about the paint on my roof and spoiler because I'm probably going to bedline my truck next year.

Step four, once the main rack is off of the roof you can remove the torx head bolt that hold the center support bracket to the roof.

You are now roof rack free but you will have the bolt hols and also some bracket alignment holes in the roof. I put the bolts back into their bolt holes then covered the remaining alignment holes with black electrical tape to prevent wind noise and to keep water out if I decide to wash my truck.

If anyone in the Sacramento area wants any of the roof rack parts you can come have them. I also have a set of black side steps if anyone wants them as well.



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