Stock PTO winch synthetic conversion - HOW?

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Apr 27, 2022
Hello everyone,
Do you, by chance, know any available parts for converting the cable/roller setup on the stock PTO winch with hawse fairlead? No bullbars, everything stock.
It seems I am out of luck in my searches :(
My existing rollers are almost broken and the cable is in very bad shape. Very impressed with the 50+ meters cable on the stock winch, though. But I won't go back to a steel cable, unfortunately.
This should help figure out a solution
Very nice build, seen it before. Is this a ready built plate that I can order, or I have to fabricate one? I cannot draw a conclusion from the project's page.
From the looks, it doesn't look like a fabricated one.

It is vaguely mentioned here:
"The winch was installed and all mounting bolts aligned the way we hoped. The winch plate was cleaned up and painted using Eastwood Satin chassis paint. Love this stuff. The winch plate was installed along with the new Factor 55 offset fairlead. With everything installed it was time to test the winch using the repaired winch remote."

can you be more specific about what is wrong with the existing rollers and why they cannot be rebuilt?
can you be more specific about what is wrong with the existing rollers and why they cannot be rebuilt?
They are very worn out with deep scratches, and the left roller is seized and bent. The steel cable weighs more than 35kgs, and I want to switch to synthetic. I was thinking about using the existing rollers, fixed and polished, but they also have an unacceptable amount of play where the line might get caught. I've used synthetic with rollers before, no problems whatsoever if the rollers have zero play.
I don't buy into the "don't use synthetic on rollers" thing. It can be used, but you have to be careful with angled pulls.
However, fabricating the perfect fit Delrin rollers might be more expensive in both time and money than just ordering the missing hawse plate - I already have an unused Factor55 fairlead.
What do you think?
I am open, of course, to any suggestions.
Well, the 'being careful with angled pulls' probably applies more to situations where you pull something/someone else, and you can position the winch truck accordingly. In a self-recovery situation, that luxury is probably not going to be available. Just saying...
I Have no idea how Wit's end managed it, but the plate has welded reinforcements in the back.
Made the conversion, the plate needs some steel machining for the fairlead holes.
Manual drilling should not be attempted, as it will most likely make uneven holes.
I used a Warn aluminum fairlead, it fits perfectly.







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