Stihl MS460 Not Oiling Enough?

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May 2, 2009
Myrtle Beach, SC
I bought a Stihl MS460 with 20 in bar on Ebay and it does not seem to be oiling properly. I have gone through most of the posts on here and still having problems.

First problem is an Oregon chain which I will take care of on Monday and get a Stihl chain. The saw starts and runs fine but only spatters oil out of the oil slot with the chain and bar removed. Not enough seems to be coming out even though I have the adjustment screw on the bottom of the saw all the way to the right. I read where 8-18 cc of oil per minutes should be pumped through the hole.

I have drained the oil and checked the screen and what comes out of the hole is clean. Saw is not supposed to have many hours on it and it looks practically new. I have not tried to measure the volume of oil being delivered.

With the chain and bar installed I cannot detect any oil getting to the bar or chain. It does not spray or drip from the bar. It appears to come out of the hole but is not picked up by the bar or chain. I cleaned both holes on the bar and flipped it over with the same results.

Is the Oregon chain just not picking it up or is the oiler not pumping enough.

Any suggestion are appreciated.

We are blessed with a resident Stihl guru who I am sure will read this ( D' Animal). Just stand in line.

The only thing I can offer is that I sometimes find junk in the oil tank clogging the outlet. I drain the bar oil, add some 2 cycle gas and shake. Cleans it right out.
I'm sure D'Animal will give you the best answer. I recently picked up a new 361 and the first thing I noticed is that the new saws don't spurt as much oil as the old ones did.
I will try the wash out and see what that does. Thanks for the suggestion.

The fellow I got it from on E-Bay said he would take it back, however if I can fix it for a $100 or less I would just as soon keep it.

I'm in line for D'Animal's advice and maybe he has some smaller saws for sale. I can use that 460 for the big stuff and a smaller one to carry with me.

I am sure the EPA has made them cut back on the lube just like they did the mix. Next thing you know we will have biomix and be required to use that "green" stuff that Stihl has. Probably not all together a bad idea. Most of the cutting I do is near my pond and close to the swamp. A few gators and a lot of Cottonmouths to deal with.

Thanks for you advice.
I can tell you that my two Husky 36/41 saws don't seem to oil a lot but I have never had a problem with the chain or bar... until I hit dirt. :doh:

Maybe it's OK and you just THINK it's not oiling enough ???
So basically 1/4 - 1/2 oz/min ? Thats a lot of oil. Mine does not put out nearly that much.
Thanks for responding to my post D'Animal.

It is putting out but about 2 cc which is about 40 drops per minute at about 1/2 throttle.

I know that you turn the oil flow adjustment screw to the right to increase flow. Does that mean that you can go several rounds and increase the flow like a needle valve or is that screw just meant to be turned in the 90 degrees or so indicated on the bottom of the saw? And did I screw it up by going 2-3 rounds?

What little oil that is put out does not seem to be picked up by the chain which is an Oregon chain. I have ordered some Stihl chains. Will this help?

I am just trying to get around replacing the pump which is looking more like the problem to me.

Thanks for all the help that has been offered.
Yes, you screwed it up.

1/4 turn is all there is.

The end of the pump piston is angled and the adjuster has an eccentric shape to it. Turn it one way and you get maiximum stroke of the pump. Turn it back, you get minimum stroke of the pump.

You do not have to buy a new pump. Remove the bar and chain, start the saw. With the sprocket turning, adjust the oiler so it is maximum flow. What you are doing is basically finiding the maximum stroke of the pump for the maximum oil flow.

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