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Apr 5, 2009
I just bought a '96, but found out that the CD player doesn't work. I'd really rather not go with an aftermarket for aesthetic reasons and, more importantly, theft issues. I'd rather have crooks look inside, see a factory head-unit, and just keep walking. That being said, will a late model head-unit from a Sequoia, Tundra, or Tacoma work? I haven't done any measurements, but the factory unit in the LC looks to be about the same deminsions as the stereo in the Tacoma I sold off. Even if they're the same size, will it be a simple plug-n-play operation? Also, the stereo in the LC sounds like crap (no power, no all). Is this caused by a simple lack of power from the factory unit, crappy speakers, or a combination of the two? Finally, if it's a simple plug-n-play deal, does anyone have a factory head unit laying around from when they upgraded to an aftermarket that they'd like to sell?
Looks like you might be a client for a Scion head unit. Hit the search button and you'll find ideas aplenty. Otherwise, you can also go for a single DIN aftermarket HU and rip off your current stock unit's panel to cover it when parked. Dave Connors ("dmc" here, search as well) did that to hide his high end newer stereo.
install scion HU. get one from ebay. plug and play. unplug amp behind PS dash speaker. upgrade front and rear door speakers with pioneer cheapies as their magnet is shallow enough to fit behind stock grill. done.
What they said. + You still have to trim something - the dash or the radio to get it to fit. It is very possible on the Scion HUs to trim it to fit the existing dash hole. On the 1807 you would trim the sides right up to the power and eject buttons. I did this for the Supra - but went for the FJ Cruiser radio for the 80. With the FJ Cruiser radio the only option was to trim the dash to get it to fit.

The weakness in bass you hear is from the factory external amp. To use either of the radios mentioned above you will need to disconnect the external amp. Don't worry, it will sound much better when you do. Search is your friend - this has been covered extensively on this board.
definitely get some new speakers too. those stock speakers are pieces of junk

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