Steering Question and Bumper

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Oct 6, 2005
I have a 1989 FJ62. The steering has had alot of play in it. I do not think this is normal for a cruiser. The cruiser has 172,500 miles on it and is in great shape. Although this is a very general question, what are the causes of this and is there any particular place to start with the troubleshooting?

Here is the bumper question. I accidentally bumped into a post and bent the front bumper. This is minor and did no body damage. However, the bumper bent enough to "crack" the chrome plating and slightly bent one of the brackets that holds the bumper to the frame. Where should I get a replacement bumper? How much to they run? Also, if I cannot get the bracket bent back into shape (which I think I can do), where can I get one?

Also, the dash cover is in pretty bad shape. Where can I get one and what do they cost?

Play in the steering can be caused by a lot of things. One common one is the steering knuckles. If you have leaking grease coming out of your knuckles or a lot of sludge then that would indicate a bad seal. That would cause some of the play. The steering knuckles connect your wheels to the front axle and allow it to turn.

Steering play can also be caused by old leaf springs that shift and old crumbling bushings.

Look at this thread for example:
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