steering link joint protector

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It's a Land Cruiser dog gone it! It keeps flinging mud off the tender u-joint and it acts as a heat shield from the 800° exhaust manifold to help prevent the grease inside the steering shaft slip yoke from burning up (I think)..
It's just a cover. I had mine off for a bit but it's really simple to remove, scrub and paint. It's held on by two bolts, nuts are set into the underside, meaning they won't drop when you pull the bolts. Then the cover just slips out from under a lip of metal.
Took it off for an inspection today. Problem with mine is the bottom piece is floppy because the L bracket held on by the one bottom bolt has been weakened by rust. So, I either replace it or maybe just use a zip tie to keep it from moving, which causes an occasional metal on metal clunk in there.

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