Steering issues. Need your thoughts.

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Jun 28, 2014
Knoxville, TN
So the cruiser all of a sudden became hard to make a right turn. It is the original manual steering and it's a 76 40. It will still turn right but not a hard right. Jacked it up to see if I could see anything and nothing is really looking fouled up. But I marked the ground to see where the wheels would stop during a turn. Blue tape marks the center of the tire in the direction it would turn. Steering wheel was turned until it stopped. Any thoughts?


How much play do you have in your bell crank when turning your steering wheel from side to side about 2 inches each way
Have you tried tightening the Bell crank adjusting screw and grease it and see if that takes care of it
I have greased it I will definitely try tightening the bell crank, thanks for the suggestion. I'll report back.
Were you wheeling when this happened or just driving? Anything weird with tie rod/drag link or tie rod ends? Reason I ask, i had damaged a tie rod end once and it wouldn't let me turn full left. Do you know whats making it physically stop turning right, i.e. - is it hitting the steering stop on one side, but not the other or is it stopping while turning right without the steering stops making contact?
Not sure if you are going to C+C on Sunday, but i could give it another look for you if you would like. I still run manual steering on my primary 40.
I wasn't wheeling or anything when it happened. I had the tie rod ends replaced about a year ago.
Any progress?
Hey Man, sorry for such a long delay. I haven't logged in for awhile. She is turning in both directions again! After all the troubleshooting I ended up ordering a new steering gearbox and it did the trick.


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