Steering column "knock"....

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Feb 25, 2010
Has anyone ever experienced any slight "knocking"/looseness felt in the steering column itself? Are the u-joints susceptible to play? My HZJ77 has a little knock in the column that has me a bit perplexed....
due to mine not having anywhere near as harsh suspension as leaf springs my column still "knocks" a bit when bouncing around the paddock, its not my ujs its actually inside the column itself somewhere, i just lived with it, not the first vehicle I have had that does it- my 98 holden rodeo ute had the same issue as well, my KZJ78 passes its 6 monthly inspections fine, on one of my other old holdens it was the bearing that the steering shaft went through the column hosing and it was just endfloat, I think it had this due to the fact the column will compress in an accident?
On a side note a 2019 landcruiser that I did a clutch had a noticeable knock in the column as well when hitting small harsh bumps and potholes on a driveway!
Probably lack a bit of lubrification on the steering column splines .
Check that the drag link joint on the pitman arm doesn't need adjusting. A week ago I got a random knock coming through the wheel and had a bit of play, simple grease and adjust cured it.

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