Steam in Exhaust

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May 8, 2010
I am a recent member (not so recent owner) and have a tricky problem I can't diagnose.

I have a '86 PU 22R 4cyl - carb - stock - 170k - daily driver.

I had a recent 'head gasket failure' that resulted in a steam funnel from the tailpipe. Got hot but never pegged the gauge.

Replaced gasket and torqued everything down - still constant coolant exhaust.

Brand new head from Engnbldr - Street RV and torkrCam!

Cleaned EVERYTHING - still steam!!!!!!!!

It has new many things - inc. timing chain & cover plus all the usual items - plugs etc.

Before this incident it was running like a champ. Even after the head job, it runs great and pulls strong (thanks Ted), just looks like a steam locomotive!

Any ideas
Haven't driven very far. There is enough coolant in the exhaust it actually dripping from a crack in the muffler!
X-3 Drive it, watch the temp and fluid levels for anything odd. It can take about a full week of driving to coook it out of the exhaust, or just slice the pipe, drain it and weld it back up, even then expect a day or so of steam..just don't go breathing the stuff, or go driving anywhere someone can catch the vapors and get sick as even the steam will have some level of glycol in it.

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