Starter solenoid wire

Jul 3, 2005
On my younger son's 85 4Runner, I bought it with no starter. To give you an idea of the PO's level of competence, he sold the stereo out of the truck for a tattoo even though he was unemployed with a wife and kids. Anyway, he removed the starter and never replaced it. When I got it home, I put a starter in but there was no solenoid wire to attach to the spade terminal. I rigged a pushbutton and it's starting to get old dealing with the cheap horn button to start it. Can anyone tell me what color this wire should be? Also, where in the harness does it come from and what is it near? I'm trying to avoid taking the column apart and running a new wire from the ignition switch. Sorry about the rambling post.
Jan 28, 2007
1993 land cruiser in rapid city South Dakota
brown, I am pretty sure, usually covered in crap.

look up on the loom you should see it coming out.

it looks a lot like the connector that go's on the temp sensor that is just in front of the starter.

there is a factory service manual up in the FAQ. double check my wire color there.

as for the push button, if you hide it, it is a good theft deterrent.

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