Starter: rebuild/replace and where to get in SoCal?

Apr 21, 2015
San Diego, CA
We just received our '88 LJ70 2.4TD from the shippers not too long ago and unfortunately we need a starter. I asked the Spanish mechanic to fix it just before we left, but apparently that was lost in translation and he only cleaned it, not replaced the parts. Anyway, can't cry over spilled milk. :bang:

Any San Diego county areas that will rebuild the starter without braking the bank? Any idea of approximate cost of that?

I can replace the parts myself if I can find them. Any reputable suppliers of OEM for the parts?

It's easy to remove so I am completely okay with doing the work myself, as long as I have the means to buy all the right parts.

I have found a remanufactured one on eBay for $50 in the UK, but I would have to get it sent to a UK buddy and then have them ship it over to me, and I'm sure that and customs wont be cheap. Otherwise I haven't found it for under $200 online here.

Any help is appreciated! Let me know your opinion on rebuilding myself vs installing a remanufactured one. I am not really into getting other brand parts.



May 30, 2008
There are some write ups on Mud here about 12V starters for the diesels,I used to buy Cummins starters to replace the 24v starters when I needed 12V,I believe these are the ones from the 5.9 liter.Pretty cheap to find and you just swap the internal parts but keep your old housing.
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
Is this for the European version? Also the application list ends at 87 and mine is an 88 :-/ Or does that matter?
I dont see how the European version would be different. I just went by the part number and if you look at the Amazon listing ,the starter suits many applications.
I used the "88 LJ70 2.4TD" from Europe in the part search and assumed it was a 12v and the heavy duty 2.7kw starter (it seems to be interchangeable with the 2.0kw version)
This part number was in use from 85- 89 in Japan and Europe.
There should be a Toyota or Denso part number on it somewhere. Anything else with the same number will be the same but it will most likely fit almost any L engine. As you may know the L engine was used in a vast number of Toyota models.

Im fairly confident Amazon would get your money back if its not what they say it is.
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