1. GTSSportCoupe

    FAQ  LJ78 Brake Parts Cross Thread

    I get a lot of questions about LJ78 brakes. So I'm going to post the Toyota part numbers here and what North American vehicles they cross to. This will make it easier and more economical for those of you trying to rebuild your LJ78 brakes. Now you can walk into your local jobber auto parts...
  2. K

    Help locating fuse for indicators! LJ70

    Hi, I need help locating the right fuse for the indicators on my LJ70. I know the fuse box is located at the feet of the drivers side but unfortunately I’ve lost the cover! Which fuse coresponds to the indicators? Thanks guys :)
  3. DenaliJames

    Newly aquired LJ70 and BJ71

    Just acquired 2 new Land Cruisers that need some work. One is an 87' BJ71 (trying to figure out which motor is in this one as there's not a lot of markings) and the other is an LJ70 with the 2L-T (I know there's 2 versions of this and I'm assuming this is the earlier model). I've bought them in...
  4. L

    New member with J70 questions

    Hello, I’m new so I’d like to preface this by saying that if this is better suited for the import forum just let me know! I’m looking at a LJ70 that I found near me, it’s already registered in my state and a reasonable price which are two big pluses for me. The biggest single hang up is that...
  5. B

    For Sale  1988 LJ70 Land Cruiser $20k

    I imported this sweet rig a year ago from Spain and feel its time to pass it along. The Cruiser was previously owned by our local mechanic in El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain. I currently have South Dakota tags that are good until next January. This can be registered for off-highway use only in...
  6. N

    For Sale  1988 LandCruiser LJ70 2LT LHD

    1988 LJ70 2lt LHD 5spd Limited slip rear- umolested survivor in good condition. Daily driver, and budget to date has been spent keeping it is dependable and sound running condition. New: radiator, alternator, starter, glow blugs and gp controller, water pump, complete belt kit, turbo, plumbing...
  7. MrsCait

    Starter: rebuild/replace and where to get in SoCal?

    We just received our '88 LJ70 2.4TD from the shippers not too long ago and unfortunately we need a starter. I asked the Spanish mechanic to fix it just before we left, but apparently that was lost in translation and he only cleaned it, not replaced the parts. Anyway, can't cry over spilled milk...
  8. wklywilderness

    Overall body dimensions LJ 70 ,73

    Hey all, could someone tell me the overall exterior length (nose to tail) of an LJ 70 and an LJ 73? I'm trying to figure out if I can fit a potential new purchase in a shipping container with another vehicle... or 2. 4x4 tetris, if you will. If you have an aftermarket bumper on yours when you...
  9. F

    A/C Compatibility with LJ70

    Hello Folks! I have a 1985 LJ70 or Land Cruiser II which I acquired recently and it doesn't have A/C like the BJ70... It has the 2.8 liter Diesel 3B engine... I was wondering if there is some compatibility I can take into consideration like a newer A/C module from a 1998 4Runner for example or...
  10. H

    For Sale  1985 LJ70

    1985 LJ70, lhd, 2.4L turbo diesel, 5spd manual. Bare bones vehicle. Only mod to drivetrain is later gen turbo diesel. New Koyo bearings, seals and wipers. New ujoints at both driveshafts. Exterior very good for age, small rust blisters at rear driver side fenderwell. Same at passenger...
  11. LZFJ40

    Intro to my LJ70, plus progress & upgrades

    I've been a member of this site since 2010 but never introduced myself. I've owned a couple of FJ40's since 1988, a 1980 and a 1970. Today I only have the ’70 left but I enjoyed them both. The LJ70 is a different animal however. Unlike the FJ40, there were a lot of unknowns with the LJ70 model...
  12. LZFJ40

    Parts for 1987 LJ70: Oil filter and Owners manual

    Hello everyone, I've used the USA parts availability thread from this forum with good success and have ordered many correct parts for my '87 LJ. Thank you to all the contributors! I am having trouble obtaining a correct oil filter for my 2.4 2LT engine. The 90915-YZZ03 filter is 1/2 the size of...
  13. K

    help finding LJ70 LED light bulb replacement options on Amazon.com

    Hi, I'm trying to find LJ70 LED light bulb replacement options on Amazon.com (in the US). When I look up the parts numbers it looks like the bulb OEM # would be something like 90981-13015, but that's not leading me anywhere helpful. Thanks for any assistance you can give!
  14. K

    does LJ70 glass weatherstripping exist in the US?

    Hi, does LJ70 glass weatherstripping exist in the US? If so, where? Thanks!
  15. K

    is it possible to get a full set of belts and hoses for an LJ70?

    If there is a place to order a full set of belts and hoses for a 1986 LJ70? Thanks!
  16. K

    recommendations for LJ70 electronics?

    Hi, I bought a 1986 LJ70 that was in pretty bad shape. We've almost got the body work and paint job done, so now I need to buy whatever electronics will be needed. Please help on the following items AND WHATEVER YOU RECOMMEND! a stereo - What size will fit? I'd like one that has a screen that...
  17. R

    LJ70 A/C parts needed before reinstall

    Hi all, The PO of my 86 LJ70 had a/c installed in it in Liberia a while back using a mix of used parts off of various vehicles that were available at the time. I had a new compressor mount fabricated and am having a local shop put everything back together. The auxiliary fan set up is not from...
  18. A

    1991 land Cruiser LJ70 questions

    Hello 70 series folks. I am a 60 and 100 guy and don't know much about the 70 series. I found a 1991 land cruiser LJ70 for sale in my area for a reasonable price. What are the things I should look out for with this rig? Some of my research points out transmission issues? This one has 189K on it...
  19. K

    For Sale  LJ70 1990

    Selling my 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) Diesel Turbo 2.4 , No work required in very good condition AC blows ice cold air . Everything works
  20. chilli

    Steering gear to fit my LHD LJ70

    Hi, I searched the forum to find out what typ of steering gear to fit my LC. I have a LJ71 and doing a RHD/LHD conversion and my LHD steeering gear is a little to worn. My LHD steering gear is from an old 1985 LJ70 and if I understand it right there´s no need to rebuild them. Can I use the...
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