Starter delay?

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May 18, 2012
When I first got this truck it had a bad battery and I noticed that it had a weird starter delay where you'd turn the key to the start position and it would just sit for a moment not doing anything and then fire up.

Well, the battery has been replaced by the dealer (albeit with a cheap locally rebuilt unit) and that weird crank delay has slowly come back over the course of the past couple of days. Is this weird delay normal behavior when a battery goes bad on these, and also, do these trucks have a battery/charging system light that would indicate if this problem were the alternator and not the battery?

Yeah I had the battery place check the battery today and he listened while I starting it and said he could hear the starter just spinning around before it finally caught some teeth or whatever. Which would be fine, except that this is now this truck's SECOND starter according to the Lexus Maintenance history.

I sincerely hope the last one was an aftermarket part. Otherwise, chalk another one up for that great Toyota reliability.
I agree, consider the starter contacts - I believe (it's been a while) that I had that symptom at around 90K miles. I guess based on that mileage I might be due for another replacement - you might be too albeit a but prematurely.
So the Toy dealer is quoting me 485.00 to replace this thing with an aftermarket part. What is *fair and reasonable* for this repair? I've never had a starter go out on anything... ever, so I have no clue. I'm sure it's probably easy to get to on this truck.

Unfortunately, I am not gifted with the wrench skills so this will have to be done professionally. As always, help appreciated.
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That sounds reasonable for a dealer price. Replacing the starter takes minutes, but removing everything that needs to come off to access the starter than putting it all back is a couple of hours. Find out if the aftermarket part is a remanufactured part. If yes, some are decent, some less so.
Replacing the starter requires removing the intake manifold, as the starter is in the valley between the cylinder banks.
Wow, so this isn't even one of those starters you can "tap" on to get it going temporarily, eh?

Thanks for the input, guys.
Heres what it looks like when you remove intake
Wow, $485 is a good price. Jump on it.

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