Starter Contacts In The FSM

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Nov 28, 2005
Bend, Oregon
I just received the FSM for my 94 LC and there is not a diagram in there that shows the starter plunger/contact exploded view (image in my FSM has the # P08379 in the bottom right corner). I have found other FSM pages on other threads that show the exploded view. Anyone out there with a 94 FSM that has the exploded view of the plunger area or are they all the same? I have the starter #s written down at home and will post them up when I get them later today (if I remember correctly it is a 28100-66060 Denso). Just curious why my FSM does not have the same views.



edit: Went home and checked. Here's what is on the side of the starter: 28100-66060 (next line) 22800-3260 (next line) 12V 11P10 Denso. That is the same number on one of the other posts with FSM blow up view of plunger/contacts. I guess all is fine, just got a broken FSM!
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Hmmm, I'm on a business trip so I can't check but, I swear I did mine from the FSM w/ an exploded view?

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