Spring Meeting Follow up

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Apr 23, 2003
Windsor, VT USA
Thanks everyone for such a great turnout. We had 32 members in attendance at the meeting Saturday morning and I know we had more folks come in to wheel later in the day, and on Sunday.

The only officer change is that your new Vice President is Rick Bigelow! Thank you Rick for stepping up and taking on this new role within the club.

I hope everyone had a great couple of days on the trails. The weather was amazing, that's for sure.
Great Dave!! Glad you'll be bossing us around for another year! Harrumph!
Hey all. thanks for all the hospitality and a great time! Hopefully see you next time....and after I fix a few things with my 60.

1985 FJ-60. Stock. Blue.
Spring Meeting weekend was great!!! Way more fun camping and turning it into a trip. I think more people came and will come in future years if it's kept this way. More relaxed and more incentive to drive multiple hours for all who wish to come.
Thank you Sherrie for all your hard work, Dave, Jason and Jim for stickin in there, and Rick for steppin up to the plate. Let the season begin!!!
Really wish I could have come, but my 4Runner started to have an overheating issue that I am checking out now. Hope to see a report soon. Congrats to the new VP! Glad you'll still be giving the orders for another year, Dave. Take care!
Just wanted to let you guys know I had a blast and look forward to future events!

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