Spring meet free stuff and more.

Dec 22, 2004
Western MA
It looks like I'll be taking my pickup to the meeting and will thus have the ability to bring along some stuff that is cluttering up my garage. Detailed descriptions and pictures could be available as well. If interested, please reply and I will bring it. I know about the swap meet is planned for the fall, but I need the space so that I can fix my cruiser and build a house. If this is the wrong venue, I apologize in advance.

General condition is: working when removed for upgrade reasons; well used; functional.

In no particular order, by way of introduction to YT, and available for free to a good home (beverage money gleefully accepted only for things that need unbolting or help loading/unloading) are:

rear '93 FZJ80 stock springs
rear '93 FZJ80 stabilizer bar
rear '93 FZJ80 upper and lower arm (one each) and panhard
rear non-elocker FF '93-'94 FZJ80 axle shafts (L&R) and assorted bits
assorted '92-'94 FJ80 trim and dash pieces (rear quarter panel moulding, USPS front inside blue door handle [the part you grab and pull], instrument panel dash piece - the piece that surrounds the cluster and holds all the pieces, etc.)
FJ80 bushing spindles in trail-spare shape or better, 4 available.
'91-'92 FJ80 USDS rear mudflap
rear '93 FZJ80 brake calipers (seized) and assorted brake bits; backing plate is crushed and not useable.
front (non-elocker) and rear (e-locker) FF FZJ80 axle housings, rear hubs, etc. The spindle should be fine on the rear one. If I'm lazy, you get the ABS sensors included!

Available in exchange for labor:

front FJ80 axle shafts (L&R) and birfs in trail-spare shape (you separate one set and you can have the other). These are the no-ABS, thin flange versions from a '92.

Landtank, do you still want those birfs?
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