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Oct 1, 2002
Midland Texas
I will be in Cali this week and noticed that SOR is just about an hour away from where I am staying. Is it worth a visit? Is their collection all that cool? Is it a cool shop to see? Anyone been there?
Definitely. The "museum" in the store is very interesting and the vehicles in there change once in a while. Last I was there the Toyota Jeep pickup was on display. Fire engines, riot control FJ56, the Baja race winning FJ40, etc. Soon there will be a factory soft top FJ45 troopie on display too. Heck, even the parking lot was interesting too: Mid East spec FJ62, FJ45 wagon, pickups, LJ70, lots of troopies including a 6x6, etc.

Trips like this is when you ask your local buddies what they need from SOR so they can save $ on the shipping and handling charge. Bring a trailer.

Definently stop by SOR, it kicks ass, there are so many unique cruisers, I felt like like a kid in a candy store. As long as your in the L.A. area, it's worth checking out TLC, their in Van Nuys, not too far from SOR, they also have some cool rigs in their show room.
SOR is cool. I have been there a few times. Lots to see. TLC is right round the corner and worth seeing also.

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