For Sale SOLD -- 1980 Fj40 $11,500 - St PaulMN

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Looks nice. What's the mileage? Repainted when? "No meaningful rust"- Where's the area of minor rust? Can you post pics of it? Thanks.
The entire thing is monstaliner.... oy!

Whats the deal with the roof off lol.

Its is a nice looking rig though priced ok also.
here are some pics.

monstaliner actually -- I have really enjoyed oit ...doesn't really chip or scratch.. with every brush or bump - and I can fix it.

if someone was going to rebuild a rig, it could be blasted off.. which one would do anyway.. with the three layer of paint already underneath it.

but it is pretty rust free and runs good.

I think reasonable priced.




here are some more pics too this Am at 12 degrees





I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet. The liner wouldn't bother me any.
Wow... as long time Mud member and fj40 owner....
Here has been my experience of calls..

1. Wait what? it has some diamond plate welded in on the inside and the entire vehicle isn't mint?!! - Sorry not interested...

2. Wait what?, it has some odd paint and the entire vehicle isn't mint and perfectly repainted? Sorry not interested...

3. Wait what?! it doesn't have headrests and the entire vehicle isn't mint? Sorry not interested...

4. I really don't care what the body is like, I'm really rich...I only want the frame to be good, wait what, there is some sag in the 37 year old springs? Sorry not interested...

5. Uhhh, I don't have any money and my wife wont let me..., but it sure is cool...

Don't call or text me if you are so stupid and unrealistic as to what to expect in an FJ40 that I am asking $12,200 in this condition.
It is a solid rig, and it is what it is. so don't waste my time and yours.

I wish my first Fj40 was this good.
well I m done venting now...

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New here... Saw the ad on CL a few days ago. Looks sharp! Just wish it was close enough to look at in person.
Hah. Silly.
This would be an awesome 1st cruiser

nice truck, great price

sorry to hear the potential buyers are idiots.
Hard to see these, but generally decent overall, probably original body mounts from what I can tell.
Frame is good.




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