so long and thanks for all the shoes.

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Mar 14, 2002
Mooresville, NC
I am out. Got a job in North Carolina with Lowe's Corporate Television.

Moving to NC in under a month. I hope to still make at least a few days of the gathering.

Oddly liberating after 13 years in broadcast TV. A little nervous about the move, really not looking froward to being so far from my friends.
Wow! I was thinking of moving there a few months ago. When does the parts liquidation begin?!?!?! Congrats!
I am headed to Mooresville, outside of Charlotte.

I have been in contact with some of the old north state crew- really nice guys who were really helpful in where to look for a home. It is exciting, but I really love Vermont. Just can't afford to live here anymore.
Congrats on the work...wishing you and yours all the best !!!

Have you found a BJ60 might need one for your regular week-end trips north :hillbilly:
Good for you Dan, I hope everything works out for you and your family. Let me know when you need a hand moving stuff.

Lets have lunch or beers before you go.

Good luck
Good luck Dan. Just think of all the snow you won't have to deal with.
me too. I am really going to miss VT.
have you been down there yet? to check things out?

we may be going down to SC over the summer to check out the TN/NC border area as well as the mid to upper SC area.

dont quite know if we are going to move...our school budget passed and i have a job next year...following year however is another story.
wow....... as much as I want to say this sucks, I have to say good for you:beer:. I hope the move goes good and the new job goes well. We'll miss you up here for sure.

Keep in touch!:cheers::flipoff2:
thanks guys.
Congrats Dan!

A friend just moved back from outside Charlotte and he loved it down there.

Good luck to you and the family.
Thanks again for your work with my house. I hope I like it down there.

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