For Sale So Cal: FJ60/62 Front Seats (Brown/Tan) + JDM Seat Covers (Black) - NOW $300 (1 Viewer)

Nov 15, 2010
Los Angeles
I recently upgraded the interior of my FJ62 and am selling the OEM front seats I pulled out, along with the black vinyl JDM seat covers I had been using.

All cushions are in great shape; the driver seat bottom cushion has been mended, but looks and feels great.

There is some damage where the sliding-rail attaches to the frame of the driver seat (see pics) - but nothing spot welds or two wouldn't take perfect care of (or, the cushions can easily be swapped onto your existing seat frames).

The seat covers are comprised of 3 pieces and fully cover all parts of the seat (and provide a large seat-back pocket); they definitely served their purpose - and reflect most of the wear/tear that otherwise would be reflected in the seats themselves. The passenger side one is still in decent shape, though slightly worn; the driver side one needs more mending.

Am thinking $600 OBO for the whole lot (2x front seats + 2x head rests + 2x seat covers); also willing to sell individual pieces.

Much prefer local pickup (I'm located in Woodland Hills, CA).





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