Smoking Tire deal BFG KO LT315/70R17

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Peter Pan Syndrome
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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
5 - BFG KO LT315/70-R17 in excellent shape. ~35"

These tires are off my old Dodge CTD truck below. The new owner went to a smaller tire and would like to help out someone for Christmas. Please leave deal :santa:for someone that needs them:santa:

The deal -
$250 cash
5 - BFG KO LT315/70-R17
Thread 13/32 and 14/32 thread depth
Tires are currently mounted and buyer to pay for tires to be dismounted and return rims to seller.
Scottsdale Rd & Cactus area

Thank you Phil for posting this...I hope they go to a good home.

Good deal, should go quick
Seriously considering. What miles does the depth translate too? What are date on tires?
According to the website those tires come new with 15/32.
Seriously considering. What miles does the depth translate too? What are date on tires?

If you're this guy? 7 miles. "Smoking tire deal" indeed.

Who ended up with tires and wheels? I'm interested in what happened to rims?
That was me. I sold the wheels to a buddy that was building an off-road trailer. He has sold the trailer along with the wheels. To whom I'm not sure. I still have the tires mounted on my Tacoma. They prob have the same tread depth as when I bought them.

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