Smoking chilis/ for spice.

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Nov 17, 2006
Rodent Central, Az
Years ago I recieved a care pack from someone here who nailed it. Cant find the thread, but he is from BC.

Just used the last of, and I would like to say thanks again and post up that combo one more time.:)

Game if anyone else does this also.
what was the packet? A chile blend, or what--dried/smoked? I use a ton of chiles in my cooking would love more recipes!
Been smoking habaneros and jalapenos chiles a long time. They freeze exceptionally well in a vac bag...making batch smoke sessions at fall harvest time, when the peppers always seem to be at their peak of spiciness, an easy proposition.

Love them mashed in guacamole, in deviled eggs, in any pesto recipe, mashed potatoes, atop fried eggs, in hamburgers, in any chili recipe, etc.

Gotta have them!
what was the packet? A chile blend, or what--dried/smoked?

This was smoked, dried, and ground. What I have left;

Before it went into the smoker, looked like a blend of green and red serranos, tai hots, tepins, tobascos, cayennes, etc.


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