For Sale SLC, UT - 80 Series Rear Quarter Steps

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Oct 21, 2013
Bottom and middle quarter steps with body gasket. These are meant to bolt to the right rear quarter corner to access the roof. These are no longer available new anywhere.

$250 for the set, shipped via USPS priority mail to anywhere in the lower 48 United States. HI, AK and International shipping available at extra cost.

Credit cards, paypal (friends & family) or cash accepted.

Make an offer if you're interested. I kind of want to mount these on my 80, but they'd be pretty much just for looks. Someone else might get use out of them.
@SteveJackson I can't quite visualise how these mount. Do you have a picture of one installed? Curious!
I was thinking the same thing, searched google images and only found 1 picture of a hundy. Funny thing is I've seen them mounted before, on Mud, but it's been a long time. These would be really helpful with the Campteq, however the budget got pretty tight recently:cry:
Wow! I just looked it up on the EPC. Apparently they made six versions of these. Three a side and going up both rear quarters... Essentially a three step ladder on each rear corner... Super cool!
I don't have any pictures of these installed. These are for the right side rear corner. If you look at where a factory swing-out tire carrier is mounted to the body, these two lower steps go about where the carrier attachment points are located. A third one goes closer to the top of the D pillar but I don't have that one.
I can't believe these haven't sold! These are super cool!!
Yeah I was hoping someone was building a truck and needed/wanted these. Pretty odd item though I guess.
Thing is you kind of need the re-enforcement in the pillar. I wouldn't want to just nutsert them on.

I got some pics of these on an 80 but 8,000 pics on my phone makes it a bit hard to find them.

Just go look at Nolens thread. ;)


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