Wanted Skyjacker 4" Softride in SoCal?

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I have 4" Downeys, new, more features than Skyjackers, and a fraction of the cost. Two sets left, $400.00 per set. Both will be gone within a week, lemme know
They have more features than the Skyjackers, and they use to run softer than Skyjackers because of their anti-friction pads, but Skyjacker finally started to add anti-friction pads as well. Now the only difference is ours are $400 and theirs are $700.Sugest you choose real soon, I've got one set left!!!!!

I'll come pick them up Tomorrow evening if all of the details fit- I have a MAF shackle reversal....do you have any lower springs for the front? What do you recommend.

Can you call me in the morning before 10? I sent you a PM with my phone number.


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