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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Well, as you are ALL aware, hosting webspace takes $$$...especially if you want a server/host with some reliability. The hosts of this site,, are asking for our help to keep, the LCML,, and some future Cruiser-related ventures up and viable.

In short, we are requesting donations...$5, $10, $1m, ;)whatever you have laying around, to assist us.

This will not be like the PBB where you get a funky star, no popups, or whatever....all you receive in return is a great deal of appreciation from our hosts and the continued free use of and other sites for you and other Cruiser addicts.

The Paypal link is accessible at the bottom of all the Forum pages and on the home page, and will be added to all site pages soon.

<bartles-james> thank you for yer support </bartles-james> :D :D :D

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