singal & park light fix

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Oct 25, 2005

I have been working on an exo cage for a couple weeks now. After removing the stock bumper, we all run into the same problem.. Where the fuh should my signal lights go now? Some after market bumpers have a place already made for them, and thats cool. However, for those of us that are fabbin' up our own stuff, we have to just figure it out. I've seen what some people have done with relocating the stock light or just wiring up some aftermarket ones. I have also seen a write up where a guy used a double filament bulb, wired the park & signal together, and just fabbed it into the place of the stock park light. But myself, I wanted to keep it as clean and simple lookin' up front as I could, and this was quick and easy.. So heres what I did...

One stop to the Local Parts Store and about 30 minutes, you can have this done.
Tools I used:
Phillips Screwdriver
Cutting Wheel
Round and Triangular shaped hand files
Wire Strippers & Connectors

So the first thing I did was decide where to drill the new hole. I figured the best place was just below the park light bulb and approx. an inch toward the front of the truck.
sm corner light.JPG
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thinking the same thing!
then I filed all four sides of the circle, if you will, so the new socket would fit. the socket is somewhat bendable, so you need to be careful not to make the new hole to big. A really snug fit will insure the bulb will stay in place. I checked the hole with the socket quite often to make sure I didn't take out to much. If you take out to much, you can't just put it back :). I had to use quite a bit of force to get the socket into place when I was done. It fit pretty dang tight. I was getting excited lol.

Also, I forgot to tell you the part number. Heres a picture of the socket and the box it came in.
Part # LS6449. This socket takes the 194 bulb, a very common one on the mini's.
part #.JPG
squared out.JPG
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After it was in good and tight I went to go install it back on the truck and test it out. Ran into a small problem.... The new hole was to low and the wires coming out the back of the socket were hitting the body.
After I cut that section out, it went it perfectly. I recommend, spraying some primer and paint in there to help prevent it from rusting. Thats pretty much it... You can put some silicone or some kind of sealant if you choose. These happened to sit in there pretty tight and the socket has somewhat of a backing to keep it pretty sealed up. So I didn't bother with it.

Thats it!! DONE!


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