- anyone used them?

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Mar 5, 2006
Does anyone have positive or negative feedback on

Id love to hear some people experience.

I bought a Safari from them. I know of a few others who have also bought vehciles from them. Karim and Abdul are both nice people to deal with. Karim is the oldest brother and runs the business. Abdul does the wrenching work. He is not a master mechanic but it studying to be one when i last saw them over a year ago. Karim knows very little about mechanics and usually recommends that people have the vehicle they want independently inspected. Take it to one of the local Cruiser shops and have a full inspection done including compression and leak down. Karim will move a bit on the price and the inspection results will help. I don't think you should be expecting a grade 4.0 from them. Most of their vehicles are in the grade 3.0 to 3.5 range. They are selling them fairly cheap compared to others, so you need to be careful and also not expect the cream of the crop.

That said, when I had some issues, they made good on it.

I recommend you check out IVOAC.CA. I also recommend you check out Silk Roads on the delcia forum: They have sold a lot of these vehicles.
I picked up my 74 from Karim, overall reasonably happy with the whole transaction etc... From what I experienced they're an honest and reasonable outfit. My truck did have some previous damage that they did a pretty good job A- repairing, however they DID tell me it had been banged up before showed pics etc... There were a few issues with the truck, but everything I went back to them with they fixed.
Id buy from them again; but do get the truck checked out.... if I can ask, what are you looking at?

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