silicone hoses

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Orange you gonna buy some? I defninitely need to replace mine but that color is a little too much
I used their silicon hose to redo all the vacuum lines on my '62 a few years back. Nice stuff, its held up well. You don't have to get orange - I used black.
At least you would not lose track of what has been done and what hasn't been done.
I like the idea of putting a piece over the hood prop arm!
a little off the subject, but years ago i used to race motorcyle Endoro races uo and down the east coast. Some of the state racing chapters had minimum weights for the bikes. As a general rule, you would make you bike as light as possible. we had on guy whe had ( at that time rare) magnesium wheels. to make weight he used to put colorfull vac tubing on the spokes. Looked like a kids tricycle, but boy, could he ride.
dreaming of the long ago days...whe i had both complete knees....and a 77 40 series
I wonder which would last longer OEM or that stuff? Yota hoses have been know to last for 25 years...I wonder if they match up?
Silicone will last a lot longer than rubba

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