shudder at low speed front diff

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Mar 27, 2019
Pambula Beach
Just replaced my front diff and now there is a slight shudder at about 5o kmph anyone got any ideas what could be making this happen
Could you have been more vague?
slight fibration through the drive line feels like possibly front tail shaft but not sure could the replacement diff do this it was used not reconditioned
Driveshaft phase
Bad u-joint
Loose bolts on differential
Bad bearings in differential
Dry spindle bushings
Loose wheel bearings
Blown head gasket
thanks mate i think it might be drive shaft phase
Front should be out of phase 90*. Rear should be in phase.

Slip joint yoke should be to the front of the truck in both shafts.
thanks mate i think it might be drive shaft phase
when you say loose bolts on the diff which bolts are they , ive cheched they phase and its correct, wheel bearings are ok, uni joints were fine before i repleced the blown diff, i know the head if fine, so im down to the spindlil bushing being dry or bad bearings could it take a little while for diff oil to work its way into these parts of the second hand diff

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