Shocks and Lift - Not Really Sure Where I Am

Jul 30, 2003
I enclosed a picture of my 1974 FJ40 that currently has 32 X11.5 -15 tires on it. I am not sure if this rig has been lifted and thought maybe you could tell by the picture. The tires do not rub at all at full turning. If you can determine the lift - if at all - what is it so I know when I research shocks - since the original shocks ride like rebar I am looking to get new ones and wonder what is best (Bilsteins seem popular) and what is a good resource to find reliable / affordable shocks. Any tricks to removing / installing? Thanks
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
Matt, I think you are at stock. I think you want to repost this in the cruiser tech forum, not for sale, where you are.

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