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Dec 23, 2002
Imagine my chagrin when I found the SoBe I purchased today came in a plastic bottle!

My world is changed.
Aug 31, 2008
That doesn't sound as bad as my "Shock and Dismay" from this Saturday. I called up SCT for a parts quote, said "TLCA" in regards to "..affiliation?" and finished the conversation. 15 minutes later I get a call from Dave G. saying the part guy was saying I was "..pretending I was from MTA and trying to use their discount...".

Lotsa fun having to explain to Dave (MTA-treasurer) and Phil (MTA-president) via phone I did no such thing, nor would I ever do that. Nothing like having someone tell something untrue and make you look bad, huh, not to mention it could have came back on PMC if I didn't follow up on it and have to apologize for someone else's mistake.

As to the SOBE bottling..

Maybe they figure people can't make them explode anymore since the plastic will melt first?

re: *75%NSFW..language* YouTube - Sobe Bomb Gone Bad

I.O.W. What's the last thing an idiot says?

"Derr, hey, Watch This!" :lol:
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Feb 27, 2005
Santa Cruz Mtns
I feel for you Tony... you will be in my thoughts all day. I cant believe they would do this to you!! :frown: I, for one, am shocked.

see you at Rubithon!!
Mar 17, 2006
Pacifica CA
I don't have a glass sobe bottle on hand or a mickeys big mouth bottle either but if I recall correctly they both have a wide cap with a healthy threaded section. You just might have to try a refreshing malt beverage.

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