Shipping hard doors

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Apr 6, 2003
Tomball, TX
Got a little problem here....have a buyer for a set of hard doors I'm selling and Fedex and UPS won't take them as they say the dimensions are too large(by about 25 sq. inches). Any ideas on how I might ship these without costing a fortune? ???
Have you tried one of the local LTL carriers? Yellow, Clark Bros, etc. It might be cheeper than UPS or FedEx and LTL (less than trailer load) carriers dont have as many issues with size and weight restrictions. Hope this helps you. :D
Find a friendly business that sends and receives freight regularly. Roadway, SAIA, cant think of any others at the moment. The cost is not that high--esp the firendly business sending them as they get a better price than the average Joe. My partner works for a large chemical company and we have shipped doors, hoods, and fenders several times and the freight is reasonable.
Forward-Air will ship'em I think

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