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Mar 23, 2015
north Mississippi
Well this was the subject of my inquiry about auto shippers the other week. Thanks for the rec, Aaron was great to work with and even bucked me up a little when I got a slight case of cold feet! Actually got here last week and she and I have been getting intimately acquainted. I have examined her private parts and nether regions and am well satisfied.





2005. Clean CarFax. I love the color. "Blue Vapor Metallic." It was a Lexus corporate vehicle until sold CPO at 28,000 miles. Was in the SF Bay area, traded in to a local BMW dealer, then ended up at a car lot in the Seattle area. 112K miles now. Had a sticker from a Bay Area independent shop that confirms timing belt and water pump done timely. I saw it on CarsForSale, it had been listed for a month, at a price I thought was kind of high. It looks like he keeps a couple of 80s and 100s on the lot. I ran the CarFax and watched it another 10 days, then I finally called the dealer. Nice guy, sounds like he's in the Russian Mafia. I asked why it hadn't sold, he says "Man I dunno, dis is vun ze nizest vuns I haf hed in a gud vile." I asked what color is that exactly, he says"Ahh, kind of blue, kind of gray,...maybe kind of silver,...I dunno." He said there was one guy who came out with his checkbook, crawled all over and under the thing, but then stomped off saying %$#@! AHC doesn't work! He was trying it out with the door open...

I asked for some undercarriage photos, which he cheerfully sent, man you could eat off the underside of this thing. So I suggested a nice price reduction, which he readily agreed to, and here it is.

This going to be my daily driver/mall cruiser/soccer mom duty vehicle (got the 80 for the crawls), my daughter wants my 4Runner (she has a way to go to earn it!).

Heater hoses and tees came in yesterday, will do that this weekend. I did the Paddo AHC bleed/flush; system works a treat. I think I am finally getting Techstream up and running so I will mess with that this weekend before I have to leave Sunday to bring my daughter to summer camp in Tennessee.

Running boards and probably roof rack finna go. I have the mudflaps ready to go on. I think I see one of those Kavik front bumpers in the future....


Got a little stable going here. I was sorry to see the July meeting canceled, I was gonna run it down there.

Hope to see you guys soon. And many many thanks to Jerry for allowing me to blow up his phone with pictures and questions!
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