Sherman Pass

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omnia mea mecum porto
Nov 8, 2004
I posted on the expedition section about this pass.
I was told it could be done in the past, but not sure if it is still doable ( lock gates).
Any of you with more off road experience know anything about this pass.

My plan is to go in from the Hwy 395 at 9 mile rd (Kennedy Meadows) and come out north of Kernville.

I love to do this drive but would probably do it until next year...

Any info would be much appreciated !!!

Frank, I've done the pass a few times, but it's been a LONG time since the last time, like almost 20 years. Except for in the early spring, you can expect a LOT of dust on the trail. It's not difficult, just long. There are a couple of side trails I took back in the day that went to some cool old mine sites. Don't know if those are still open. Might want to check with USFS, as the fire season has made them VERY nervous.


Mark A.
Mark thanks for the info on this....
That is what I have gather elsewhere and will def get in touch with the USFS before heading out.
I dont think I will venture during the summer months (fire season).
Im thinking fall or late spring next year...



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