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I'll take it- if it is in pristine condition, runs excellent, you pay all freight to Portland, Oregon, USA and I give you $1000 US cash on delivery!
Now you did it...1051.99
I can't imagine a worse classified ad.

It's an 84 so can't be imported yet. I'll resurrect this thread in 1 year.
*cant be imported into the states yet. Canada on the other hand only has a 15 year importation rule which means that this cruiser is able to come to canada. some more details would be nice though
where do this people come from?
where do this people come from?

Australia :)

That's the best ad I've ever seen!
Whats the bidding up to now????

I'm in for $1200USD :)
Whoo Hoo!! I'm still the highest looser .... uh ? ?

Crickets.......I hear crickets!!

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