Screwed. Any mechanics out there.

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May 25, 2010
SF Bay
To make a long story short my wife crashed the truck several months ago. Someoone hit her at 40MPH right on the front bumper and I basically had someone replace everything in front of the engine itself. I finally picked it up from the autobody shop and it still needed to visit a true mechanic to get everything dialed in before daily use. I picked the LC up late Saturday and there was a check engine light on.The truck would run ok until about 2500 RPMS and then I would run rought. On Sunday I drove slowly about 2 miles to get a code scan thinking it is a ignition coil after searchign on Mud. As they are getting the machine ready I notice it idling a bit ruff. I open the hood and get on the gas a little to see what I can find and I hear what sounds like the fan hitting something and then a POP.The Fan breaks off. It is not the fan that is broken. ( Well the blades probably are now) It is the rod that exits the engine that the fan connects to.Please tell me I will not have to remove the top of the engine to replace that rod the pulley and fan connect too?Once my silverstar membership kicks in I will post pics but the rod snapped flush with where it exits the engine.How big of a job is it and what can I expect the mechanice to say.
If it went that far into the bay I would be worried about other damage (motor mounts, water pump, etc.)
That makes me feel better. I was hoping it was just a matter of getting a new water pump.
It is sheered off right at the point you have highlighted.
Thanks for the quick response.
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Your water pump is well behind the fan bracket and timing belt driven so it should be fine. (also depends on who's paying the bill, if its out of your pocket forget it, if it's on the other guy, take it to Toyota)

I would replace the fan bracket as Trunk has illustrated and probably the fan clutch and pulley as well.

It's not too hard but access is tight for some of the bolts, refer to the timing belt threads for details.

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