Say hello to my new offroader

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Jul 2, 2002
Well, I acquired half of another project this week. Over the past year I have gotten hooked on fishing and decided that this 1990 16+' aluminum Springbok fishing boat was a good addition to the tackle box.

drive home.JPG

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I was skeptical that I'd make it home without a problem seeing that the boat has been sitting quite a long time. But, I did... sorta. I got home and saw the tire looked a bit worse for wear (still held air).

blow out.JPG
Seeing as no proper boat should be immobile on a summer weekend, I set out to ensure we would be on the road soon again... :steer:

old tire.jpg

Much better. :hillbilly:

new tire.JPG
Ha! Arnott1t's boat could make it in there no problem :)

BTW, it needs a name....
Lil hooker!

We've been calling it Tadpole but Lil Hooker may stick. :lol:

Took it out for a test drive last weekend. It didn't sink. Went tubing for the first time in a decade... lots of fun.
so i guess your fishing for pike and walleye?

come out my way and ill show you how to catch monster rainbow on a fly;)

Typically, yes. Thanks for the invite. I might just take you up on that.

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