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Feb 22, 2007
Germantown MD
I am preparing my 1 car garage for a future welder purchase.

I have 2 issues that I have to deal with and wanted some input.


I have a dirtbike and a power washer that I won't be able to get more than 10 ft. Can I just throw some welding blankets over them and be good?

I have a whole shelf full of flammables: cleaners, spray paint, adhesives, etc. My welding instructor said that these need to be 35 ft. from the welding area. This is impossible for me so I was going to buy a metal cabinet and put all flammables in there. Will this be ok?

Ventilation: Can I get away with putting a box fan sucking air out by the garage door?
I would try to weld outside if given a choice.
Weld outside or with the garage door (8) foot always open. 2 cents MIke
Weld outside or with the garage door (8) foot always open. 2 cents MIke

I weld inside the garage all the time, but this is what I do. I leave the garage door open, and check the garage before I go to bed to make sure there is nothing smoldering. I do have a few flammables around, like motor oil, break cleaner etc but nothing that's open or a huge hazard.
Weld outside or with the garage door (8) foot always open. 2 cents MIke

I also weld out side or at the garage door. I made an overhead blower to suck out fumes to weld inside the garage but decided it was better to weld at the door. You can also get masonry backer board and prop it up or screw them to 2x4's to make a spark shield. i would be very careful about gas and other like flammables in your welding area. The paint and other stuff should be fine. I also made a welding table top for my workmate from a piece of 2'x4' 1/4" plate with 4" legs to sit ontop of the workmate. It's got enough overhang to clamp pieces to and easy to set up and stores nicely. With that and my 220 cords, I can setup fast for my stick or mig.

best luck!
:beer: ty

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