Run Sunday

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Jeese Jay, yur going to have to find a new buntch to wheel with:p:p:p

Id go but the 60 body might fall off the frame...:popcorn:
I find the second obstacle on the google trail rather difficult.

Tread lightly and surf porn without leaving a web history..:lol:

but in all seriocity, pounded the s*** out of the truck yesterday out to nitinat and back...(roads as lovely as I'd remembered)
swallowed a couple gallons of seawater, had a most excellent catapault wipe out...all in all a pretty good day.

and today, I had the lawn tractor up on two wheels on a seriously off camber section... that count for anything? :lol:
seapotato, try driving it you come through LAke cow or alberni?

lineman you should come out this way and bushwack one weekend. I just found the perfect 300 yard mud drag that come out onto a campsite a doobah lake. i will post some pics next time i go there.

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