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Jan 6, 2009
Mississippi, Southern part
I purchased a bunch of parts which included this SOA kit by Ruff Stuff. Here is a link:
FJ40 SOA Kit, stock axles With or W/O Reversal [FJ40SOA1] - $425.00

The kit I have includes the rear disk brake weld on bracket which is an option in the Ruff Stuff kit. A set of 16 bushins from Spector is included.

I decided to stay SUA and use the Man-A-Fre Mojave springs with the revised plate reversal instead of going SOA.

I actually have an FJ40 front axle housing that is already cut and turned 14 degrees for a SOA setup.

So I am selling the SOA kit and the axle housing. I am asking $400 for it all plus the brown truck fee.
Just a cut and turn is about two hundred and you have to supply the housing. Ruff Stuff gets over $450 for this kit by itself.

I can ship UPS but it will be in at least two boxes maybe three depending on weight of the SOA kit.
Two of the perches had been welded on the axle but a plasma cutter was used to remove them, they are usable but can be replaced by Ruff STuff if you so desire. Other than that the kit was not installed.

You can call me at 601-319-9970 or email me at I am located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
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