Rubithon ......anyone going ?

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Oct 4, 2004
Benicia, CA
I'd like to go to the Rubithon and wanted to know if anyone from this club is going ?

I am new to the area and would like to meet the club. I thought this might be a good way to do it.

Whos going ?
Skim... there will be many PMC members going. If you want a PMC laden run, suggest Yodaman on Tuesday, or Tayler informal run. also Big Jim Adam's Straight thru run. All runs will most likely have a PMC member or two.

Are you set up to attend Fun Day on May 16th? that is the event you need to attend to meet members, huge turn out, social type event with lunch, and casual for entire family to attend.

Fun Day... be there. :)
Yup, club members go. Dave Thomas(petescoffee) is in your area and he goes. Just post up on here your travel plans and you'll find a group or someone to hook up with. Most of the regulars that go from club check in here so post,post,post until you get a response.
Yep I'll be going but haven't settled on what day. I usually went with the Ross Kuzma crowd but they aren't coming this year so I am torn between Big Jim and Larry's runs.
I'll figure it out at fun day.

Dave Thomas
Half of the people doing committee stuff seem to be PMC. We'll be there, that's for sure.

Don't forget to register by this Sunday
Leaving in morning. Wishing Gatton's, Mattei, Kitahara and all a good day on the trail tommorrow.

Mudrak and crew should be all set up at their favorite spot by now. Hopefully Pismo is with em.
What a HUGE PMC turnout! Amazing how many were gathered for the participation raffle (congrats Don G, you bum!). Excellent turnout, could have been even more.

Thanks to all PMC members who attended, tried to attend, work or simply had a great time. Huge thanks to Jeeper Ron and James Henry for working their butts off in the booth.

Woo Hoo.

See you again in 2010. Hey, that rhymes...
I had no idea there were that many people in the club. I knew it was gonna be a lucky day when I killed that mouse early Fri morning after a third day of a shredded glove box. Then Mudrak gets my drive line fixed with a new sleeve welded on. Felt like I was in heaven. Court and I had three winning tickets at the raffle and really couldn't believe it when Big Jim called out #157 for the club raffle. I'm really enjoying this retirement thing but no way you'll see me at one of those Indian Bingo places.

Tony, I'm really glad to hear you AND Cindy will be back next year. I have more fun every year even if there are issues here and there with the rig.

Hope we have enough at McGrew for one of them raffles. Sounds like the wife is willing to go on this one.
Congrats on the winnings Don.
The forest service is really cracking down on the poop thing. While at Loon on Tuesday with Dreamin we witnesed wildlife digging a hole a burying it's own. I hope you feel better Mike.
I had a wonderfull trip hanging out with wonderfull people. Camping at Buck the whole event was nice. I was able to see everyone wheel through and the fishing was great.
Thanks teapot. Did you ever get up to Rockbound? Fishing was the best I've ever seen up there. Had to clean a couple and the stomachs were empty. Always fun to find them hungry.

Thanks for sharing camp Mon night
Hope we have enough at McGrew for one of them raffles. Sounds like the wife is willing to go on this one.

wow, and holy Cow! Now I am excited about McGrew knowing my sweetie... I mean your wife, will be in attendance.

AT McGrew, you draw the ticket, and you cannot win if you pull your own... :)
No, I never made it to Rockbound. I had to fix a center pin on the springpack Thursday and beg for gas as groups went by so my hiking was limited that day. Buck supplied my breakfast with a nice 2lb Brown. It gives me more insentive to go back later in the year.
wow, and holy Cow! Now I am excited about McGrew knowing my sweetie... I mean your wife, will be in attendance.

Kinda got me excited too. Think it helped going to Moab and discovering there's easier stuff out there besides the Rubicon trail.

Maybe she can pull the ticket, then there a slight chance she pulls mine:D

And never made it to dinner fri night. Can't blame you really, that's a long walk back in the dark.
Teapot, I got your message and called Georg. Dude , I had no clue your hand was that messed up or I woulda stayed and helped you out witht hat pin.

Good to spend tues night and chat some.
Few Pictures

Couple of pictures
This year I dropped down Cadillac with Tony and the mog crew. So it was more about the people than the wheeling. Though trying to keep up with Speed Racer (tony) makes it for an interesting run.

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