RTH: EMS over the frame pipe install

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Nov 16, 2006
Aspen, CO
So for the life of me I can't get the darn S (over the frame) pipe over the frame. I removed my Slee transfer skid, a side heat shield, and the vibration isolator on the side of the transfer case, yet not matter which direction & angle I go, I can't get the friggin pipe over. It's late & I think I'm working way too hard on something that everyone seems to not have an issue with.

Does the pipe install from the front of the truck to the back, or do you start at the back with the portion that connects to the y-pipe and bring it over the frame? I've tried both with no luck thus far. From what others have done, I don't imagine I have to remove my Slee slider.

I'm just not solving the Rubik's cube here...:confused:

Thanks in advance for the help...
Make sure no other parts of the exhaust including "Y" / Cat or cats are attached. You have to have all the room to manipulate the exhaust up over the rail .

It also might help to have the truck up a few inches to give that section more room to manipulate. It was a bugger, but it goes over.

Good luck -

I didn't have sliders, but my interference came from the y-pipe / cat. Once I removed that i was able to slide it over.

If the slider is bolted, id pull it an put the truck on front jack stands to get more height to allow the muffler to drop lower.

I had a similar experience fighting the drivers side rear heater coolant pipe I was trying to remove. I cut as much off as I could but struggled for some time as It wold not come out and I was afraid I would tear a wire or line. Pulled back, took a break, relaxed and prayed a bit and then it just came out.

Moral is that when you think there is no way this is going to fit, you just turn it a certain way and there it goes. Don't be afraid to put a bit of muscle behind it. It just doesn't slip over - you have to give it some ass to finish it.

Best of luck -

I had to jack the truck up to fit some pieces in, and that's with a 3+ in lift.
does one have install the pipe from the front outside to inside or inside to outside

i have removed heat shielding the isolator but this pipe just does want to go in

i am attempting to slide the forward facing side over the frame from the inside to the outside a couple times it looks close, and ratchet strapping to something solid along with beating on the pipe with a deadblow, she just wont go over.....
of course as I tyoe that five mintues later is slides right over.......

FYI for future reference install this pipe from the outside to inside, it an be done with the Y-pipe installed

the tip of the day try to get everything above the y pipe/cat and slider it forward, went like butter after that geez

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