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Sep 15, 2008
I had owned several Bronco's and was currently abusing a tiny 88 Samurai when I saw this first-gen 4runner sitting flat-tired in a driveway,the solid front axle caught my eye so i pulled in and knocked on the door.The next day she was mine,bone-stock 85 4runner,rotted out leaking brake lines and a supposed timing chain noise is why it had been sitting 2-3 years.This is what it looked like after AAA dumped it in front of my house April 2005.
Home at last.jpg
So began the build,at that time my tools and work-space was limited.I didn't take many pictures but I spent too much money.My wife still complains:mad:.Here is one shot of the rear 5" skyjacker springs/shocks,5.29 Yukons,Detroit locker,and front CV driveshaft turned rear shaft goin in:)
the initial build.jpg
Ok now it gets crazy,did timing chain turns out it was crank/main bearing :doh:.So began my affair with parts vehicles and long hours of wrenching.That year I either bought new or swapped over every part on the truck:censor:.I joke that it became an 05 4runner that year!!Here is what it looked like when I finally got it out on the trail,summer of 05
early wheelin.jpg
early wheelin 2.jpg
Now the problem was I loved this truck too much,but I also love to push my 4x4's to the limit or beyond in the quest for insanity.Here is a shot of it on the fireroad in Finleyville,PA and one of it after I laid it on its side AGAIN!! My list of carnage includes -----blown head gasket(full throttle 8000 rpm sand drags while overheating...DOUBLE:doh:--------Broke stock tie rod twice and J-arm once-------shattered ring and pinion------rockrash,attempted mud submarine use,and numerous flopovers and rear bumper stands​
toyota flop.jpg
Here is a couple pictures of my engine and front axle/suspension setup......pretty basic here this is a beater truck but it is loved
solid front axle.jpg
Well when I got the reminder that I was up for ROTM,I already had the truck laid up for chemo(sheet metal,fiber-filler,rustoleum,etc) for the cancer that is so common on Toyota's up here in the Northeast,I keep patching it up and ive plated the frame in a few spots but unfortunately this truck is on its way out,but im gonna squeeze every bit of life I can out of it before transferring everything I can onto a 90-95 4runner,but that is probably 3-5 years away.Right now i am getting it all checked out and spiffed up for the 20th annual Ludlow event in Marietta,OH.That includes a 3-4 hour drive down,3 days of wheeling and that 4 hour drive home for Memorial Day Weekend
bad body mount.jpg
So after 4 years of love/abuse this is what I got............. 22re/Downey intake/New Oregon engine head with oversize valves...................Stock early automatic:bang: with Summit external cooler with fan ...........5" skyjacker lift............33x13.5 Super Swampers on 15x10 steelies...........5.29 Yukon gears/Detroit Locker in rear/Front Hi-pinion...........Trailgear Hi-steer,87 IFS box........AllPro front bumper and rock sliders.........BudBuilt crossmember/skidplate...........Homemade rear bumper,roll cage,and reinforced gas tank skidplate...........Warn M8000 winch,ReadyWelder,Optima yellow top,Harbor Freight Hi-lift............Downey (STC) softop:)........Here it is today as it sits undergoing minor surgery
april 30 2009.jpg
Thanx for checking it out!!!!I love this forum cause the Jeep contingency is about 95% around here.I found out about it from the guys at the TLCA club Steel City Land Cruisers who have their own sub forum on here and whom ive met and wheeled with personally.I am a member of Triangle 4wheelers a sub-division of EC4WDA,but I wheel when and with whom ever I can....Thanx again!!!!!!Brian
Actually i first put the truck together with the stock single cardan shaft and it went berzerk after 40mph......then i had a front shaft lenghtened and put it in the rear and ive had ZERO problems with it after 4 years
thanx ill look for more but its camera shy it only rolls over when nobody has a camera!!lol
Here is a picture of the 87 pickup (that you can put your thumb threw the rear of frame) that i got for parts it was a 10 cylinder,22re under the hood and a 3.0 in the bed,very soon the 5speed and gear driven T-case are going into the 85.Most of the IFS parts are sold already but if anyone wants to buy a teal bed make an offer!!!:cool: The 85 is ready to go so ill put some more pics on then. Later
87 extcab organ donor.jpg
mY TOP was white originally i painted it black with that krylon fusion paint that is for plastic/fiberglass........then i got tired of it altogether and bought a soft top
mY TOP was white originally i painted it black with that krylon fusion paint that is for plastic/fiberglass........then i got tired of it altogether and bought a soft top

How did that hold up? I have long thought about painting my top (its in too good of shape to ditch and i have not been able to find a nice black one locally) but I was worried about how it would look and last.
my color sceme was black/red and i couldnt stand the white top.I knew i was going to get the soft top eventually but in the meanwhile i used that krylon Fusion spraypaint I think in satin black and it held up great,it was only on the truck a year but i still use it as a weathercover in my yard for my spare 22re and solid front axle and the paint has not pealed off at all
i got it from Downey but i dont know if they still carry them or not

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